Upcoming Auctions

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Exciting Live Auctions

The goal is not simply to sell items, but to get the audience excited about the mission of your organization. We inspire the audience so they bid high and bid often.

Online Ticket Sales

Sell tickets to your event online!

Online Auctions

When you add an Online auction to your live event, you can advertise the event, honor your sponsors, and take absentee bids weeks before your gala – thus increasing awareness of your organization and raising more money!

Gala Events

The Benefit Bidding team can make check-in and check-out a breeze at your next event!

Mobile Bidding

Since logistical constraints limit the number of items which can be included in your live auction, increase your revenue by adding an online auction with mobile bidding to your event’s fundraising strategy.

Fundraise Anywhere!

Turn any event into a fundraiser!