Your initial consultation is free. Fundraising can sometimes seem confusing, even scary… but it doesn’t need to be. Contact the Benefit Bidding team to meet with you and discuss your event and specific needs. You will learn how their services will help you reach your goals.

Don’t do it alone – take advantage of Benefit Bidding’s experience and expertise. They will make your event run smoothly and increase your bottom line.

When you hire Benefit Bidding to conduct your fund-raising auction, you will receive extensive pre-auction consulting. Whether your event is a new endeavor or a community tradition, they work with you to maximize your event’s income potential while ensuring an entertaining, fun, and exciting event.

You can expect creative solutions to the challenges your planning committee faces. Your organization will receive guidance from initial planning through post event wrap-up. The fundraising experts at Benefit Bidding have been conducting benefit auctions for over 20 years. They work exclusively with associations, foundations, charities and other non-profit organizations. They work with you to ensure your next auction is the most successful ever!

It takes between 6 to 12 months of hard work and planning to put on a successful benefit auction. Doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional benefit auction team to assist you with planning the event and conducting the live auction?

Many organizations work an entire year to create one magical evening. They obtain fantastic auction items, persuade prominent people to attend their event and then turn the evening over to someone who is not qualified to conduct the auction.

Don’t make this mistake!! Your organization – and the clients it serves – depend on the success of your auction.Don’t wait until the last minute to contact the Benefit Bidding team! The timing, structure, and flow of your event are extremely crucial. Every event walks the tightrope between a “party” and a “fund-raiser.” Striking the right balance ensures your guests enjoy themselves while you generate the dollars your organization needs.

Consulting Areas:

  • Auction planning calendar / timelines
  • Developing your theme
  • Auction venue and how much space do you need for your event
  • Correct number of live & silent auction items
  • Auction games and other revenue enhancing ideas
  • Item acquisition ideas- what sells – acquisition party – wow factor items
  • Audience development
  • Silent auction
  • Items
  • Display
  • Space needed
  • Proper closing time and order
  • Big board
  • Room setup