We used Benefit Bidding for the first time this year to help raise money for the McKinney Art Studio Tour (MAST). It was very rewarding to see all of the artists come together to donate beautiful pieces of their art for the auction. Benefit bidding helped our group of artists raise money with the mission of supporting art in our community through the annual MAST program. It was very exciting to see people bid on the different pieces. I know my piece of art generated at least 80 viewings at the time of the auction. The owners of Benefit Bidding were very helpful in setting up the process for the person in charge of the auction. I have had other pieces of art used in another Benefit Bidding auction that was very successful. I would encourage others to use Benefit Bidding for their programs and will continue to recommend this auction site.

Minda Macias

The benefit bidding site was very well done and very easy to navigate. It would be a good choice for most any organization’s auction, regardless of size. Good choice.

Neal Ator

After participating in the auction for Empty Bowls last year, I was really excited to see the response and impact for our event. Every time I mentioned it to possible bidders, they seemed anxious to check it out. The people who went out to bid in the auction really had fun supporting the event and watching the action. Everyone thought it was a great way to raise funds.

According to Steve, who was our liaison with Benefit Bidding, setting up and coordinating the auction was extremely easy. He insisted that communication was always helpful, fast and effective. The auction site looked amazing and was easy to follow.

Lisa LaBarge

I have participated in two Benefit Bidding auctions and have found it a great way to reach people that would not otherwise get to see my work and I get to support wonderful organizations at the same time. The web site is very well done and easy to navigate. Links are provided which helps keep networks going.

Cate Robbins

I have been involved with two charity organizations that used Benefit Bidding Auctions for their fund raisers. Admittedly, we had some well-intentioned volunteers in our organizations, but we did not have experience with auctions or web design. It was a great relief having Benefit Bidding to take care of those tasks so we could focus on our event. Benefit Bidding helped us through the process starting with organizing the auction items, photographs, and designing the action web site. The owners are cordial and very prompt with their replies. Benefit Bidding made both of our events successful and we will use them again.

Steve Macias

Benefit Bidding is easy to use and looks great. I sent the link to my friends and family and everyone enjoyed seeing the art on display – this is really saying something when my family can easily navigate a website! Thanks for making our MAST art tour a success.

Magda Dia

Over the past year I have become familiar with Benefit Bidding and their services, first as a shopper supporting the groups who participate to raise money, and as an organization trying to raise money. Both sides of the transactions have been simple and very thorough. The site format is very good and provides plenty of information about the organization hosting the auction as well as the event or purpose of the fundraiser. What a great efficient way to reach the masses of friends and family to support your organization throughout the country.

Kerry Randol-Johnston

“Benefit Bidding provided excellent customer service for the development of the auction and support once the auction went live. We raised more money than we had anticipated and our supporters tell us that it was overall a fun experience. We plan to do more auctions using their services and recommend them highly.”

Paula O’Farrell

Sherwood Dog Park of Paso Robles



Lloyd and Mary’s willingness to learn everything about our nonprofit and our event was outstanding. They came to our office for two lengthy meetings prior to the event. Lloyd was always aviliable to speak with us and went above and beyond to fulfill our needs as an organization. We could not have received more comprehensive service for three times the ammout we paid. What helped us the most was the suggestions provided by Lloyd and Mary on how we could make our event better and raise more money. When you are doing an event every year, it is sometimes easy to let it get stale. Lloyd and Mary were a refreshing change for our organization. However, the suggestions they provided were not pre-packaged, they were based on our needs and our audience. Lloyd comes alive on stage. He is a great improvisor! He increased our revenue through feeling the crowd, engaging the high donors and making changes to his planned routine on the spot. We were so impressed with the level on professionalism, dedication and knowledge from the first moment we met Lloyd. The day of was a real breeze thanks to Lloyd and his staff. They not only arrived seven hours early to prepare, they put us at ease by having done all of their research prior to the event. They were also very accomodating to our last minute changes which are so typical with nonprofit fundraising events.
Virgina L.
Arthritis Foundation
Dallas Bone Bash[/blockquote_message]


[blockquote_message]Lloyd Cooper has made our annual event into a great occasion! Each year we have a live auction. Every year Lloyd has been available to work with us, he has been the sole reason for getting our auction numbers up so high. I know this first hand because one year our date conflicted with Lloyd’s and we had to bring in another auctioneer – the results were terrible! I highly recommend Lloyd as your auctioneer!!!!!—Susan Owens, Executive Director, Crape Myrtle Trails, McKinney, Texas[/blockquote_message]

Neil Sperry

[blockquote_message]Lloyd Cooper has been helping Camp Summit since 2009 and has been a tremendous asset to our event. Since his involvement, our live auctions are more entertaining, energetic and have raised more money than in the past. He not only provides consultation prior to the event but is fully engaged at the event – meeting key potential buyers and remembering them by name. He researches and learns about the items before the event and does an excellent job of enthusiastically explaining the details to highlight the value and build the anticipation of the sale. This year, with the help of his spotters plus the training he provided to our volunteer spotters, we were able to raise more than was expected, giving us a very successful event. Lloyd shows a high level of interest in each event and gives suggestions and ideas to help the committee raise more for the cause. He is a very skilled and personable presenter and brings an element of fun and entertainment to the auction.—Pam Chicol, Director of Development, Camp Summit, Dallas, Texas[/blockquote_message]

[blockquote_message]After hearing that our local food bank was in dire need of both food and funds, we decided to have a silent auction. We thought an online auction would reach more bidders and a friend suggested I contact Lloyd Cooper, the auctioneer who conducts the live auction at the Quilters Guild of Dallas show each year. Lloyd is very good and, thanks to his auctioneer abilities, I have bought quite a few minis over the years. He recently started an on-line auction company, Benefit Bidding, to benefit charitable organizations. I sent them the banner from our website and they built the page to look similar to our site. They built our auction page, complete with our mini quilts, in just 2 ½ days. There were also links to our website on the page. They even took care of the press releases! I was contacted by several people in the media and there was an article in our paper. We were thrilled with the outcome and so was our food bank. —Sandy Brawner, Owner, Quilt Country, Lewisville, Texas[/blockquote_message]

[blockquote_message]I thoroughly enjoyed attending the benefit auction organized by Lloyd and Mary Cooper. I loved every minute! They did such a great job with the presentation of items at the event. Plus, making the items available prior to the event on their online auction website was really helpful in raising awareness of Chris and even more money for his transplant fund. Lloyd was the auctioneer and the MC. I don’t know how Lloyd does it, but he was great! He created enthusiasm in the audience and was passionate about the cause. He was very entertaining and kept my attention the whole time! I really enjoyed the way Lloyd structured his presentation. His auction skills brought great financial results for the cause.—Debbie N., Attendee, Chris Padden Transplant Fund[/blockquote_message]


Many organizations work an entire year to create one magical evening. They obtain fantastic auction items, ensure prominent people attend their event and then turn the evening over to someone who is not qualified to conduct the auction. Don’t make this mistake!!